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CitySIM is the official mobile operator of Baja4000 Rally

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Send your message free to the Baja4000 teams.

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We are a team. How can we send a message to the wall?

Sending SMS to the wall (+372827xxxxx): Car number Your message

Where should I send my messages? You will find the SMS wall number on your badge. This number is only for the teams of Baja4000.

  • Example: "1234 Hello Mexico!"
  • Send your sms from any number to us - just start it with your team number.

Extras for CitySIM users:

  • We deliver free sms messages to teams with CitySIM only and we receive sms messages from any number.
  • "REG 1234" Register your CitySIM number as a default team number. Now you can receive messages from fans, friends, relatives as a free SMS to your phone.
  • "STOP" Suspend receiving free incoming messages.
  • "START" Restart receiving free sms messages.
  • "UNREG" Delete your number - You can register it again to another team number.