CitySIM Classic

International Calls, text messages and Internet services

CitySIM International SIM card

GSM based voice calls, sms messages and Internet service

Mobile phones and internet access have become essential tools for keeping in touch on a day-to-day basis. CitySIM ensures that these familiar tools can be used in the normal way while travelling without the fear of extortionate mobile bills.

  • No monthly fees -> no obligations
  • Prepaid -> no surprise
  • One sim for all countries -> save money
  • Does not expire -> suitable for travellers
  • GSM based -> superior sound quality
  • Free incoming calls in over 135 countries -> use your sim as locals do
  • Data service -> keep in touch on Viber, Skype, Messenger, Gtalk, Whatsapp, and avoid high data roaming fees

There is no contract, no additional obligations, no maintenance fees or strings attached.
Just use it and save money.

CitySIM will save you up to 85% on your phone bill while abroad.

CitySIM is a prepaid GSM SIM card.
Unlike your local mobile phone operator card, CitySIM is made for use around the world in over 190 countries. Prepaid means you have complete control over costs with no nasty bills waiting in the mailbox when you get home. GSM ensures superior sound quality.
Use it in your mobile phone or tablet.

CitySIM does not expire.
This means that there are no maintenance fees and in case you use the CitySIM card at least once every two years, all your money will still be there.

How does it work?

CitySIM is a seamless callback service. You dial an international number from your phone as usual. CitySIM picks up your call, connects it to the number you dialed and calls you back, connecting the two ends of the line. This ensures that the call travels exclusively through our partner networks, generating the up to 85% savings AND ensures superior sound quality to boot, no matter where you are. Simple.

International Phone Number
This is why all CitySIM numbers have a +372 country code. If you're wondering why you've never heard of Estonia then don't worry. It's a small country of only 1.3 m people but also a member of the European Union and one of the most wired and high-tech societies in the world.
This is a country where mobile phone payments for parking have been commonplace for ten years. Skype? Invented by Estonian developers. Over 95% of the population uses internet banking, medicine prescriptions are filled electronically and voting is done over the web using a unique digital ID card system, which allows even legal documents to be signed using mobile phone based ID.

If you feel more confortable to use UK or US numbers for your CitySIM, please refer to "Extra number" section.