CitySIM Safety

International Calls, text messages and Internet services

CitySIM Safety International SIM card

GSM based voice calls, sms messages and Internet service

Make it more efficient and save money! CitySIM Safety is suitable for tracking devices, safety devices and GPS devices.

  • One – One international sim card for all countries
  • Global – CitySIM is made for use around the world in over 190 countries
  • Easy – Just insert CitySIM in your device, and you can use it immediately
  • Save – You can save up to 85% on data service
  • Full Service – Handles voice calls, text messages as well. Of course, Customer Service and MobileMiles program are also available
  • Data packages – Predictable costs, one cheap package covers all country you need (*exemptions may apply)
  • Postpaid – Use it and pay later.

CitySIM Safety is suitable for tracking devices, safety devices and GPS devices.

For individual users: Make sure that your belongings, your home, your car and your beloved ones are in safe.
For corporate users: we offer solutions to manage a machine remotely, predict or avoid errors and dangers and measure productivity.
Beside emergency cases, devices can help you to increase productivity and efficiency, and save money. Here are some examples, where CitySIM can be used:
  • agriculture
  • constructions
  • security and tracking (trucks, cars, buses, trains, ships, boats, jet-ski etc. It is useful for cargo, shipping companies, car rentals and transportation.)
  • home security (offices and/or homes)
  • personal security
  • tracking animals (wild animals or pets)
  • mining (terrestrial: oil, gas, diamond, gold, coal, etc)
  • water management
  • solar systems
  • rally organizers and participans
  • any many more!

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