CitySIM Tariff Details

Tariff details - CitySIM Africa

Get data for €0.015/MB and save 92% on Pay As You Go rates!

Europe Data Discount Option

Activation code: *146*941*48#

Activation cost: €1.00 for 365 days

€0.015/MB with Europe Data Discount Option (Increment: 100 KB)

You can get as much data you need for €0.015/MB for 365 days from the activation.

The discounted data option is avaiable in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, China, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Guadeloupe, Iceland, Israel, Korea (South), Liechtenstein, Norway,

It is possible to combine Europe Data Discount Option with any data packages. It means that if you have already activated Europe Data Discount Option and you want to order package, then Europe Data Discount Option will NOT be automatically deactivated.
In case you deactivate additionally ordered data package, there is no need to activate Europe Data Discount Option again.
Validity time of Europe Data Discount Option will NOT stop during the time you use additionally ordered package.

Internet Packages (CitySIM Africa)

In the context of Internet we offer several packages with different volume and time duration usage.
Data package becomes activated as soon as the order is done; package cost is being deducted immediately. Another important notice - data packages need to be activated each time. It means that at the completion of one package by volume or duration, you can order any other package for an unlimited number of times.

Package Code Name Valid (days) MB Unit (kB) Price (EUR) Order code
1 1 day pass 1 50 100 5 *146*941*1#
2 2 week pass 14 250 100 19 *146*941*2#
3 2 week pass 14 500 100 35 *146*941*3#
4 Monthly pass 30 1000 100 69 *146*941*4#
5 Mega monthly pass 30 2000 100 95 *146*941*5#
Pay as you Go 100 regular per MB rates will apply
More Data 1 100 7.50 *146*951*1#

To activate data package, dial: *146*941*Package code#
To deactivate data package, dial: *146*940*Package code#
To check the status of service, dial: *146*942*Package code#

Internet Package Countries (CitySIM Africa)

Packages can be used in the following countries:

Albania   |   Andorra *   |   Armenia   |   Australia   |   Austria   |   Azerbaijan *   |   Belarus   |   Belgium   |   Bulgaria   |   Canada *   |   Chile *   |   China   |   Colombia   |   Croatia   |   Cyprus   |   Czech Republic   |   Denmark   |   Ecuador   |   Egypt   |   El Salvador   |   Estonia   |   Faroe Islands   |   Finland   |   France   |   French Guiana   |   Georgia   |   Germany   |   Ghana   |   Gibraltar   |   Greece   |   Greenland   |   Guadeloupe   |   Guatemala *   |   Honduras   |   Hong Kong   |   Hungary   |   Iceland   |   India *   |   Indonesia   |   Ireland   |   Israel *   |   Italy   |   Japan   |   Kazakhstan   |   Kenya *   |   Korea (South)   |   Latvia   |   Liechtenstein   |   Lithuania   |   Luxembourg   |   Macao   |   Malaysia *   |   Malta   |   Martinique   |   Mexico *   |   Monaco   |   Montenegro   |   Netherlands   |   New Zealand   |   Nicaragua   |   Norway   |   Panama *   |   Peru *   |   Philippines *   |   Poland   |   Portugal   |   Puerto Rico   |   Romania   |   Russian Federation   |   San Marino   |   Saudi Arabia *   |   Serbia *   |   Singapore   |   Slovakia   |   Slovenia   |   South Africa   |   Spain   |   Sri Lanka   |   Sweden   |   Switzerland   |   Taiwan *   |   Tajikistan   |   Thailand   |   Turkey   |   Ukraine   |   United Arab Emirates *   |   United Kingdom   |   United States   |   Uzbekistan   |   Vatican   |   Virgin Islands, U.S.   |  

Please note that you cannot change the type of the packet until the first ordered packet has run out of time. As a supplementar service we offer "More Data" option or "per megabyte" billing.

In order to use “More Data” option, please use the following commands:
Call *146*950# - cancel "More Data" option with no money back;
Call *146*951*1# - buy "More Data" option;
Call *146*952# - check “More Data” option status.

In order to to manage "Pay As You Go" option users can use following commands:
Call *146*961# - service activation;
Call *146*960# - service deactivation;
Call*146*962# - status of the service.

Situation 1: User ordered 7 day pass and used up all 200 MB in first two days.
Example 1. If packet data capacity reached its limit (but time is still leſt) then Internet connection will be shut down. User will receive a notification via SMS that his data packet was used up completely and now the only option is to use a "More Data" option. Data will not work until user orders "More Data" in those selected data packet countries.
Example 2. If packet data capacity reached its limit (but time is still leſt) then user will receive SMS notification and automatically switched to "per megabyte" billing until the end of the data pack cycle.

Situation 2: Packet period has ended.
If Data packet's period has ended Internet will be shut off. User will receive a text message stating that his data packet period has ended along with instructions on how to order a new one or to switch to "per megabyte" usage. Without selection of what to do user will not be able to use Internet in countries that are included in the Data packet list.

Important notices

  • Upon order of any Data pass it’s also possible to order “More Data” option in advance even if the current Data pass has not been finished yet.
  • The full price of “More Data” option will be deducted straight from the sim card balance. There will be no per MB tariffication.
  • "More Data" option can also be selected through the online portal. User simply follows steps to order more Internet via portal.
  • * In some countries that are included in Data Passes data pricing structure is altered. This is because we cannot guarantee the same pricing structure eveywhere.
    In these countries, for each megabyte of data used, 2 megabytes will be deducted from the remaining data balance.

  • If "More Data" option was completely used up time-wise or MB-wise while having an active Data packet then it will be offered to user again.
  • If the main Data packet period is over then “More Data” option will be over as well.
  • If the main Data packet period is over then user will be offered new Data packages or Pay as You Go instead of “More Data” option.