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CitySIM Classic

Calls from Mauritius to Mauritius: €1.99 /min

Receiving calls in Mauritius: 1.25 EUR/min

Call Rates in Mauritius

Incoming Calls Outgoing Calls Incoming SMS Outgoing SMS
€1.25 /min Local calls €1.99 /min
to CitySIM €1.99 /min
to other** €1.99 /min
FREE to CitySMS0.06 /sms
to other networks €0.35 /sms

* Countries included in EU package
** Most of the mobile networks around the world with some exception.
For example satelite networks and some countries.

Pay As You Go Internet Rates in Mauritius

Operator Network Network type Speed Price / MB Unit (kB)
Orange Mauritius Orange Mauritius GSM 900/1800, 3G 2100 3G €2.50 10 kb